What is a Virtual SIM?

What is a Virtual SIM?


Virtual SIM is a new concept in the telecommunication world, it simply means that there is no need to use a physical SIM card. This new concept developed as a result of VoIP (voice over IP) technology. It’s similar to calling your family and friends using WhatsApp. Virtual SIM uses VoIP technology to replace ordinary physical SIM cards.

Virtual SIM is an application-enabled service that requires you to install an app to use a number. It allows you to have numbers of different countries. There are many apps that offer virtual SIMs for Android and iOS users.

The virtual SIM provides you with virtual numbers that you can use as a real number for calls, messages, and call forwarding.

Advantages of virtual SIM applications

There are many advantages for having a virtual SIM application, these include:

  • You can buy virtual numbers from different countries, and it’s not limited to a specific number of numbers, meaning that the app allows you to buy more than one number.
  • In some applications, you can buy credit through the app that provides you with the virtual number, and use the credit you buy to make calls through the app, and this is good especially for international calls.
  • You can use your real number inside the virtual SIM application, and you can use the credit you buy through the app for making calls using your real number.
  • It doesn’t take any physical space in your mobile.
  • No need for another device to have a second number, the virtual SIM application is like a second phone inside your phone.

How do I get a virtual number?

As mentioned above, Virtual SIM is an application-enabled service, so you need to install an app that provides you with this service. Here we recommend Numero eSIM application, Numero provides you with virtual numbers from 80+ countries with very competitive prices.

Numero provides you with mobile numbers, landline numbers, and toll-free numbers, you can use the mobile numbers for calls and messages like any other real number.

The landline numbers have almost the same mobile numbers features with the exception of receiving messages feature.

The app also provides other services like data and travel bundles, these are very helpful for travelers, where you can guarantee connection even before you reach your destination.

The application also makes continuous offers on social media numbers and US mobile numbers, which reach an 80% discount on the annual subscription for these numbers most of the time.

You can easily buy a virtual SIM (virtual number) using the virtual numbers app, if you would like to get your own virtual number, we advise you to download your Numero eSIM application and buy your number from it.


Are virtual phone numbers legal?

Yes, don’t worry, all Numero eSIM numbers are legal and licensed, and from certified providers. However, we advise you not to use these numbers in any illegal activities.

Can I get a temporary phone number?

Virtual numbers are basically temporary but renewable phone numbers, the basic plan for most of these numbers is the monthly plan, and we make offers on annual and other plans for the US and social media numbers.

Note: you can renew your subscription and use the virtual number for a longer time, this is useful especially if you are using these virtual numbers to register on social media accounts, where renewing your subscription will help you keep your accounts active and avoid losing them.

Virtual SIM VS eSIM

It is clear now that the virtual SIM is an application-based service and it’s not a physical SIM that you can insert in a mobile slot, and you can use it (when bought from a reliable source) to buy international numbers even if you are sitting in your home country. You can use these numbers like any other real number.

On the other hand, we have the eSIM, which many confuse with the virtual SIM. The eSIM is an embedded SIM, so it’s not a physical SIM and it’s not inserted in a slot in the device. You should know that not all devices are supported with an eSIM.

So, the eSIM is considered as a second SIM besides your physical SIM (SIM in the mobile slot).

Advantages of the eSIM
  • Extend the device lifespan, since the device won’t be opened for years.
  • It’s secure because everything is stored in the cloud and thefts will be easy to track.
  • Saves a lot of money with easy access to mobile services from multiple operators.
  • High level of convenience with everything done online.
  • The ability to have a second phone number on the same phone (up to 5).
  • Allows you to keep your current phone number for receiving messages and calls when traveling.

However, there are some disadvantages to the eSIM.

Disadvantages of the eSIM:
  • The fear of hacking the eSIM card from cloud hosting.
  • For people with different phones and want to move their SIM from one device to another, they can’t do this with an eSIM as it is embedded in their device, meaning that your device is your SIM.
  • It doesn’t provide the feature of buying international numbers wherever you are, virtual SIM provides this feature though.
What should you get? Virtual SIM, or eSIM?

The common thing about these two types of SIMs is that both of them allow you to have a second number on your mobile.

The fact that the virtual SIM applications allow you to buy international numbers while you’re in your home country makes the virtual SIM more beneficial and a better option for many users, as the number of categories that can benefit from this service is larger and broader, to include any person with a smartphone, business owners, and freelancers who have customers in other countries and communicate with them constantly.

The virtual SIM helps you save a lot of money by avoiding massive bills resulting from international calls, especially if you constantly call a specific country from your home country, then all you have to do is to buy a virtual number for this country and call it with local tariff through the app.

However, eSIM doesn’t support this feature unless you move to another country, then you can buy a number using your eSIM and keep your original number in the physical SIM.

The only difference between virtual SIM and eSIM is virtual SIM acts like a real number, meaning that you can use it for calls and messages, but you can’t activate data on a virtual number unless your mobile is supported with eSIM.

The best combination is to have a virtual SIM “ virtual mobile numbers app” in your eSIM supported device, this way you will be able to have the best of both technologies, be local everywhere with virtual SIM numbers and use the data that requires an eSIM and activate it on your virtual SIM. Where to buy eSIM? Click here for more information.