Solar Power Bank: 6 Things You Need To Know Before Purchasing

Solar power banks are great because they give you an alternative source of power when you’re away from a power outlet. They’re also great because you can use them to charge up your devices even during the night or on a cloudy day.

They are affordable, compact and easy to carry around. Yet, as with numerous things, the end product will correspond to its price. While you can get good solar power banks for as little as $15, allowing you to charge your phone just once, there are others that cost as much as $300 and can charge your phone more than 10 times. It’s not easy to decide.

Here in this  blog we will discusses the need for having a solar power bank and what you should look out for when purchasing one. So, keep reading.

1. What Is A Solar Power Bank?

A solar power bank is a portable device that uses solar panels to convert sunlight into electrical energy, which can then be used to charge batteries or other electronic devices. Solar power banks are an increasingly popular way to keep electronic devices charged while on the go, as they are environmentally friendly and can be recharged for free using only sunlight.

2. How Does A Solar Power Bank Work?


Solar power banks are devices that store energy from the sun in order to provide power to electronic devices. They work by using solar panels to convert sunlight into electrical energy, which is then stored in a battery. When the battery is full, the solar power bank can be used to charge electronic devices. Most solar power banks have a USB port, so they can be used to charge phones, tablets, and other small devices. Some solar power banks also have a built-in flashlight, which can be used in case of an emergency.

3. Why Use A Solar Power Bank?



There are many reasons to use a solar power bank. Perhaps the most obvious reasons are as follows;

  • It can help you save money on your energy bills. Solar power is a free source of energy, so using a solar power bank can help you reduce your dependence on expensive fossil fuels.
  • In addition to saving money, solar power is also much better for the environment than traditional sources of energy. Solar power doesn’t produce any harmful emissions, so it’s a much cleaner way to power your devices.
  • Finally, solar power is very convenient. Solar power banks are easy to use and portable, so you can take them with you wherever you go. With a solar power bank, you’ll never have to worry about running out of power.

4. Things To Look Out For When Purchasing A Solar Power Bank.


When purchasing a solar power bank, there are a few things to keep in mind;

  • First, consider the capacity of the power bank. This is typically measured in mAh, and the higher the number, the more charge the power bank can hold.
  • Second, consider the number of ports. This will determine how many devices you can charge at once.
  • Third, consider the size and weight of the power bank. This is important if you plan to travel with it. Some solar power banks are larger than others, so make sure it will be able to fit in your bag or pocket.
  • Fourth, consider the price. Solar power banks can range in price from $20 to $100. Finally, consider the warranty. Some manufacturers offer up to a year warranty on their products.
  • Fifth, make sure that the solar power bank is compatible with your device.
  • Finally, take a look at the reviews to see what other customers have said about the solar power bank.


5. Review Of The Some Best Power Banks

There are a lot of solar power banks on the market these days, so it can be tough to know which one to choose. To help you out, we’ve put together a review of some of the latest best solar power banks out there.

Products Manufacturer  Battery Size and Weight
Anker 21W 2-Port USB Portable Solar Charger with Foldable Panel, PowerPort Solar for iPhone 11/Xs/XS Max/XR/X/8/7, iPad Pro/Air/Mini, Galaxy…  



21 WAT


11.1 × 6.3/14.7 in



ECEEN Solar Charger Foldable Solar Panel Charge for Smartphones Tablets GPS Speakers Etc Travel Essentials Survival Travel Camping Gear Accessories Emergency Kit


ECEEN 13 WAT 14 x 7 x 1.0in/13.6oz
2022 Upgraded Tiny Solar Charger], BigBlue 14W SunPower Solar Panels with USB(5V/2.4A), IPX4 Waterproof, Folding Portable Solar Phone Charger Compatible with iPhone X/8/7, Tablet, Samsung LG etc



Big Blue-US




5.8×6.02x 2.12in/0.8lb

Goertek Solar Charger Power Bank, 36 LEDs Portable Emergency Charger with 3 Outputs and 1.5W Solar Panel, 25000mAh External Battery Pack Waterproof for Camping Accessories Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets





25000mAh 7 x 3.8 x 1.2 inches/1.18 pounds
YD-820W Solar Charger 38800mAh Solar Power Bank with Dual 3.1A Outputs 10W Qi Wireless Charger Waterproof Built-in Solar Panel and Bright Flashlights


DonGuan Xionel Electronic Technology Co., Ltd





2 x 4.37 x 1.85 in/1.41 pounds


Buying Guide;

First up is the Anker 21W. This power bank is one of the most popular on the market, and for good reason. It’s lightweight, portable, and can charge your devices very quickly. It also has a built-in solar panel, so you can recharge it using the power of the sun.

Next one is the ECEEN Solar Charger. This solar charger is a great option if you’re looking for something that’s rugged and durable.

It’s made from tough ABS plastic, and it can withstand being dropped or knocked around. It’s also got a very high solar charging efficiency, so you can get a full charge in no time.

Third one is tiny, compact solar bank 2022 Upgraded Tiny Solar Charger by BigBlue 14W SunPower Solar Panels. This charger is shockproof, waterproof and dustproof. No need to worry about damage.

Fourth one is Goertek with 25,000mAh Solar Charger Power Bank, This astoundingly valued battery pack rapidly charges gadgets, and whenever left in the sun for a really long time, can recharge through sun rays.

Last but not the least is the YD-820W Solar Charger with 38800mAh Solar Power Bank with Dual 3.1 Outputs 10W Qi Wireless Charger Waterproof Built-in Solar Panel and Flashlights. This charger is a great choice if you want something that’s affordable and easy to use. It comes with a built-in solar panel, so you can recharge it without any fuss. It’s also got a handy multipurpose Bright LED light, so you can use it as a flashlight in a pinch.

6. Solar Power Banks Are Here To Stay, Are You?



Solar power banks are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. They offer a convenient, eco-friendly way to keep your devices charged, and they’re easy to use. Just set them in the sun and let the sun do its work. Solar power banks are here to stay, and if you’re not already using one, you should definitely consider doing so. T

hey’re good for the environment, and they’re good for your devices. What more could you ask for? The world is waking up to the power of technology. For the first time, we need to be mindful of the things we consume.

A solar power bank is a definite investment in the future. By now, you should have a better idea of how solar power banks can benefit you, and what to look out for when you are purchasing one. If you want to be sure you’re getting quality, you can always turn to Amazon. They offer a wide selection of solar power banks and other electronics that will help you stay charged wherever you go!




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