Solar Energy Generation By Jinko Solar – 23.86% Efficiency In N-Type TOPCON Monocrystalline Panels



The most recent PV module from JinkoSolar has an efficiency rating of 23.86%. It is based on their TOPCon mono cell technology, which according to TÜV Rheinland attained a record efficiency of 26.1% in October.

For a brand-new n-type monocrystalline solar PV module, JinkoSolar has attained a conversion efficiency of 23.86%. The panel is built using TOPCon mono cell technology, which in mid-October reached a record efficiency of 26.1%. The results improve upon the business’s prior high of 23.53%, established in July, and were certified by Germany’s TÜV Rheinland, one of the top companies in the world offering testing services for products that must meet safety and quality criteria.

The manufacturer claimed in a statement that the module used the most recent TOPCon cell technology from JinkoSolar as well as cutting-edge welding and packaging techniques to reach a conversion efficiency of 23.86%. The internal resistance loss of the module is effectively reduced by cutting-edge welding and packing technology, which also greatly increases conversion efficiency. Additionally, this lab finding has the technical foundation to be put into mass production and sets the course for later advanced items to follow.”

Jinko claimed to have improved panel performance in January 2020 by using a new anti-reflection coating and cutting-edge metallization techniques. In order to remove inter-cell gaps, it also included New Tiling Ribbon (TR) technology in the cell design. The panel’s power conversion efficiency was 22.39% at the time.

The new solar module features solar cells with a monocrystalline silicon substrate that has been grown using the Czochralski method by 267.72 cm2 .


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