Solar Electric Camper Boat

Solar Electric Camper Boat (SECB) is the perfect solution for people who want to travel with a camper as the SECB is a solar-powered boat that can be towed behind a car or truck and it is powered by a solar panel that generates electricity, which is stored in batteries however if the batteries run low, the SECB can be plugged into an electrical outlet.

The SECB are typically used to camp on lakes, rivers, or other bodies of water. They are also great for boating, fishing, and camping. A catamaran boat with two electric motors and a solar canopy that converts into a personal sleeping area is called the  POL Lux from Sweden.

The Swedish firm POL unveiled the POL Lux, a solar-electric catamaran camper boat with a starting price of $135,000. The 25-foot vessel can accommodate up to 13 people.

A canopied area for integrated PV is created by the catamaran design. The boat can travel at a decreased speed of roughly 4 knots when powered only by solar energy (4.6 miles per hour).

The craft’s 18 kWh battery can carry a full charge for around 70 kilometers. The maximum speed the ship can travel at with its two electric motors is about 13 miles per hour, and its top cruising speed is only about 8 miles per hour. According to the manufacturer, the two motors are quieter than their gas-powered counterparts, resulting in a more tranquil experience when exploring the outdoors.

The eight-foot-wide POL Lux features a modular, flexible design that makes it simple to change from a day cruiser with lots of chairs to a private tent with several beds and a raised hammock. For those who prefer to relax in the water, the boat also has a sizable net that can be thrown out the bow.



Image credit: POL

The twin-hulled, lightweight craft has substantial front and rear bumpers for safety. The living room is framed by a sizable overlapping deck with cork flooring and chamfered intersecting borders.

We designed a flexible room with modular elements to enable numerous configurations, and we encourage you to use the space however you choose. Bring what you need and leave the rest behind, said POL.

In order to be first in line for the new technology when it is introduced, the business is presently collecting waitlist applications as the boat undergoes prototype testing this year.

Electric Shipping



Image credit: POL

Unlike recreational vehicles like the POL Lux, electric boats could have a wider range of uses. Electric boats with batteries are now being seriously considered for use in commercial shipping.

A study has been published that looks at the technical outlook, economic feasibility, and environmental impact of battery-electric containerships by researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

In contrast to earlier research, the researchers now view the amount of space needed to house the batteries as an opportunity cost rather than a rigid technical limitation. The analysis estimates that by the end of this decade, more than 40% of the global fleet of containerships may be electrified “cost-effectively and using existing technology,” after analyzing 13 important worldwide commerce routes, and a wide range of containership sizes.


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