Review Of Canadian Solar’s EP Cube Battery

There are many types of batteries on the market but the one that is gaining attention among people is the solar battery. People are trying to adopt solar technology because it is sustainable and environmentally friendly, besides that it saves electricity.

There are many people who still have doubts about the use of solar panels, but with the help of experts and some research, they have come to know that it is the best way to save electricity.

Canadian Solar has been trusted by solar power customers for over 20 years. This company is so cool that we’ve put them on our top 10 best commercial solar panel list.

They have their primary focus for the residential industry is on solar power panels, but the future is looking very bright for other solar products.

At Anaheim, California, at the RE+ Conference, Canadian Solar launched its latest residential product: The EP Cube residential battery. This blog will provide you a review of Canadian Solar’s EP Cube Battery .

Canadian Solar’s new EP Cube batteries are the latest additions to the solar batteries category and they can also be the replacement for lithium-ion. There are many companies in the world that are producing and offering lithium-ion, but this is not an option for all people. The EP Cube battery is the best alternative for lithium ion and people are showing great interest in this product.

The battery that’s available can go up to 19.9kW in size, comes with an integrated inverter, and can be installed with or without solar. The EP Cube is an exciting new energy storage system, which will be available to customers in early 2023.

Will the EP Cube live up to the advertising for the solar panels from Canadian Solar? Let’s look more closely.

The EP Cube Battery- Features


Credit Image: CSI Solar

The modular battery known as the EP Cube has a built-in hybrid inverter. To best meet their energy needs, homeowners using modular batteries can decide how many battery packs (or modules) to include in the battery.

The smallest EPE Cube is the smallest model that can hold up to three modules for a total capacity of approximately 9.9. You can get up to 6 modules for a total storage capacity of about 20kWh.

The battery system can output 7.6 kilowatts of power, which is enough to run your most essential home appliances in an electrical outage. Your output will be lower when the battery is operating off-grid without solar panels, and it may also decrease over time.

For those who need more than 19.9 kWh of storage or more than 7.6 kW of power output, the EP Cube has a maximum capacity of 119.9 kWh.

Most homeowners don’t need that much backup power, but it’s something that’s available. The EP Cube can also be connected to a gas-powered generator to provide additional backup power in case of an emergency.

These EP Cube batteries are lighter than other residential storage devices. They weigh less than 70 pounds, meaningfully lower than most storage devices that weigh over 300 pounds. That is why these units are easy to transport and install, it doesn’t take a large installation crew to carry and install each unit.

The EP Cube can also be made more personal or customized to the customer by choosing from different sizes and shape options. The energy storage system also incorporates the Smart Gateway, an intelligent technology platform that can automate the transfer of energy between off-grid or on-grid, battery and generator systems. The system is designed to provide a cost-effective energy solution for solar customers.

As we discussed above, the EP Cube is highly customizable and was designed with both homeowners’ and installers’ diverse needs in mind. Homeowners no longer have to pick and choose what to power, as the full home can be powered with the EP Cube. Installers can efficiently install the full unit, ultimately driving growth and cost savings.

It’s also important to note that the EP Cube has a NEMA 4X enclosure classification, enabling exterior installation and resistance to weather, dust, corrosion, and water. In addition, a lithium-iron-phosphate battery has a higher capacity, lasts longer, and is more reliable than the batteries used in previous versions of the Tesla Powerwall.

According to these specs, the EP Cube looks to be a pretty solid battery and will outperform many other currently available options.

Number Of Modules
Capacity9.9 kWh13.3 kWh 16.6 kWh 19.9 kWh
Output (PV and battery) full sun off grid 7.6 kW 7.6 kW7.6 kW 7.6 kW
Output battery only no sun off grid5 kW6.5 kW7.6 kW7.6 kW

The EP Cube Battery-Cost

It’s not clear what the price will be as Canadian Solar has not officially released any pricing. However, the company has said the Cube could cost between $12,000 and 15,000 depending on the model you choose.  The total price will increase as you add more modules and units.

As soon as the EP Cube officially becomes available for purchase in 2023, we will be able to provide additional details regarding the cost.

Battery prices are pretty high so it’s definitely worth taking advantage of the battery rebate programs. Today, solar panels are paired with battery storage systems to qualify for a 30% federal tax credit. These savings can lower installation costs by thousands of dollars. All batteries will qualify for the solar investment tax credit starting in 2023.

There may also be regional energy storage incentives in your area, such as Green Mountain Power’s Bring Your Own Device program or California’s Self Generation Incentive Program.


Credit Image: CSI

The EP Cube-Warranty

Canadian Solar’s battery system has an excellent warranty for the EP Cube. It will hold 80% of its capacity for 10 years, or 6,000 cycles, whichever comes first.

Most battery technology out on the market these days only offers a 70% charge guarantee after 10 years. With the EP Cube, you’ll be able to store more power for you than other products on the market.

The full 10-year warranty is something to be proud of, especially since you’ll likely reach it well before 6,000 charging and discharging cycles


This household battery from Canadian Solar is becoming a reasonably outstanding product. We don’t know yet whether this is the right battery for your home since it is not available in the real world yet. From everything we’ve seen it seems like it will be a great option for homeowners who want to store their energy.

The battery’s adaptability truly sets it apart from many of the well-known batteries on the market right now, like those made by Tesla and Sonnen, and it gives homeowners more control over how much energy storage they install. The warranty is the best feature, it exceeds industry norms, and Canadian Solar is a reputable company you can count on to honor it if necessary.

So, this was the review of the Canadian Solar’s EP Cube battery. Do not forget that everyone requires a solar battery. A battery won’t often save you any extra money on your electric bills, but it will provide you with peace of mind in the event of a blackout.


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