1.2 Kw Solar System

1.2 Kw Solar System – Factors You Should Keep In Mind

Solar panel systems come in various sizes. That is the best thing about solar panels. Now anyone can buy solar panels according to their need and even budget. Some of the solar panels are available in a 1 KW solar system. At the same time, the 1.2 Kw Solar panel System is one of them. A 1.2 Solar panel System typically consists of around 4 t 6 solar panels, depending on the watts and voltages each forum needs.

It is primarily suitable for tiny homes or cabins with low electricity usage. 1.2 Kw Solar panel System is also used to supply the tied grid system. Here are more details presented about the solar panel system.

Factors In 1.2 Kw Solar Panel System

Factors In 1.2 Kw Solar Panel System
Solar Panel System For Home

The number of panels and other components required for a 1.2 Kilo Watt solar panel system. Which can depend on many factors, such as,

  • Location
  • Shading
  • Energy consumption patterns

It is essential to consult with a professional solar installer to determine your particular solar system’s specific needs and requirements. In terms of energy production, a 1.2 Kw Solar System can generate anywhere from 15000 to 22,000-kilowatt hours of electricity per year. But that result depends on the mentioned factors. This can result in significant savings on energy bills and reduced carbon emissions.

2.1 Kw Solar System

2.1 Kw Solar System
2.1 Kw Solar System

The 2.1 Kilo Watt solar panel system was a reasonably sensible size for a typical home. The energy of a 2.1 kW solar system can be used between 8 am to 4 pm. A 2 KW solar system generates approximately 8Kw per day. This is about half the electricity usage of a modest amusement home.

Saving In 2.1 KW Solar panel System

  • Using a 2.1 KW solar panel system in medium homes will save approximately 1000$ in the first year. And would keep 25,000$ for 20 years.
  • Your export half of the electricity. So, you would save 650$ in the first year.
  • If you export all the electricity, you will save 250 in the first year.


Expect to pay about 300$ to 400$ for a 2.1 solar panel system after the rebate. Now compare to the 6.6 KW system that currently costs around 500$ as a starting point. This system offers more than three times the capacity for double the cost.

1 Kilowatt Solar Panel

1 Kilowatt Solar Panel
1 Kilowatt Solar System

1 Kilowatt Solar Panel will produce approximately 750 to 850 kWh of electricity annually. This type of system often consists of several individual panels. In short, these solar system consists of 2-3 solar panels. The electricity also depends on the wattage of each panel.

The size of these solar systems is ordinarily suitable for small homes. The number of components required for a 1 Kilowatt solar panel can vary depending on many factors such as shades, location, and energy usage type. These solar panels can produce 12,000 to 18,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity. 

1 Kilowatt Solar Panels are used to install before five years. These solar panels are suitable investments. And beneficial for small places. It offers a great return of energy efficient homes. This solar system decreases electricity bills and saves energy for further use. 

How Much Cost

A 1 Kilowatt Solar Panel’s cost varies from size to energy usage. Some panels are large in size but less in energy production. Similarly, the 1-kilowatt solar panels have been priced accordingly. In different states, the prices of solar panels vary. But it is important to note that the price is directly related to the quality. At the same time, you can find affordable solar systems anywhere. 

1 Kw Solar Panel

1 Kw Solar Panel

It is good to know that single solar panels are also in the market. Now users can buy them for limited use. There is no change in the generated power type. 1 Kw Solar Panel produces different electrical power as 2.1 or 3 kw solar panels. 1 Kw Solar Panel is a single solar panel capacity typically rated in watts. 1 Kw Solar Panel has a capacity of around 300 to 400 watts. 

There is a 1 Kw Solar system consisting of several solar panels. That can produce 1000 watts. In short, a 1 kw solar system and an I kw solar panel differ. A single solar panel generates medium electricity. While a 1kw solar system is made by combining many solar panels. 1 kW solar panel is standard in use. People buy them for small needs. Even they buy separately to adjust at home and outdoor activities.

1 kW Solar Panel Price

1 kW Solar Panel Price
1.2 kW Solar Panel Price

As told earlier, the prices of solar panels widely depend on many factors. In which quality, energy production, and location matter a lot. Suppose you buy solar panels from the solar panel system market. There you have to spend less expensive as compared to purchasing separately.

However, in general, the price of a single solar panel with a capacity of around 300 to 400 watts can range from 1000$ to 4000$. At the same time, a 1 KW solar panel with many solar panels can cost more than 1600$.

It is important to note that the installation cost, including labor, permits, and other equipment, can significantly increase the overall cost. It is suggested to include all the costs before buying the solar system or solar panels. So that the confusion of actual cost can be created. The actual price of solar panels s different from the combination of solar panels.


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